Dealership Successions

Planning for your business’ future is essential for its success, including plans for when you eventually leave the business. Choosing a proper successor is the lynchpin for the well-being of your business and employees, but knowing whom to choose and how to handle other details of dealership succession can be hard to do on your own.

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At Kurkin Forehand Brandes LLP, our dedicated automobile dealership law attorneys can help you tackle those tough decisions whether you are selling an automobile dealership or inheriting one. You may be planning to keep your business in the family, but what should happen if your intended successor has other plans in mind? We know that things can change despite all your planning, and we know how to prepare a contingency strategy as well.

Taking A Step-By-Step Approach To Your Goals

A good time frame for planning your succession is around 10 years before you plan to step down from the company. The first thing we at Kurkin Forehand Brandes LLP can help you address is the goals of your succession, whether you want to keep the business in the family, keep tax consequences to a minimum or provide a secure future for yourself – or perhaps all three.

After determining what your main goals are, we will work with you at any hour of the day to help you identify your new management and develop contingency plans if tragedy should strike. Our dedicated lawyers know that planning for more than a decade out isn’t easy, but we are here to help. If you are in the Aventura or Tallahassee, Florida, areas, contact us at 305-929-8500 to plan for your future today.

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