Dealership’s Right To Protest

Establishing your dealership requires a relationship of good faith between you and the manufacturer. Dealership owners often work extremely hard to ensure that their business is successful. It can be especially insulting when your manufacturer then wants to open or reopen a dealership close to yours.

General counsel for Florida Automobile Dealers Association

Because these types of actions can threaten the performance of your business and the well-being of your employees, you may have the right to protest a new dealership. But having that right doesn’t make it easy. Successfully protesting a new dealership comes with many requirements, which makes it crucial to have lawyers who know what it takes. At Kurkin Forehand Brandes LLP, we have the in-depth experience and knowledge in automobile dealership law that it takes to protest a new dealership.

Make Sure Your Attorney Is Fluent In Your Protest Rights

Each state has its own protest requirements, and if you are a Florida dealership preparing to protest, you need to know what laws you must abide by to support your protest. Your manufacturer also must abide by the law to open or reopen a dealership. If a manufacturer wishes to start another dealership in your area, it must inform any same-line dealerships within a certain radius in enough time. Dealerships must file petitions or complaints within 30 days following the notification.

You must jump through a lot of hoops to combat a new dealership, and missing a hoop can jeopardize your protest and your business. If you are in the Aventura or Tallahassee area, and are preparing to protest your manufacturer, do not do it alone. Get an attorney who can help you defend yourself. Contact us at 305-929-8500 to begin defending your company today.

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